New Website design - fresh start to 2015! is the place to find fun creative apps ranging from games to educational content. To find out more about the Android and iPhone apps available, check out the link located in the main menu above titled "Apps". Just simple click on the app title in the drop down menu and you will be able to find out where the app is available and wether there is a version available online to demo before downloading to your phone. All (most) games can be played online if available.

However I love to be creative and apps are the latest avenue to express my creativity its kind of a story of my progression in learning the skills to provide what you see.

Check out the blog as you can find out about the latest projects and what is in the pipe line.

Please feel free to contact me with feed back or issues you may encounter.

I am also open to improvements and ideas you would like to see in any of my apps.

Have fun and enjoy!

Tha web site has been down for 6 weeks now and yes it was starting to bug me that i couldnt find the time get it back up and running. I must firstly appologies for the down time and to any that may have created account with previous website.. The lot have been lost.. sigh yes i know pain but a fresh site better security and backups in place. The previous site unfortunately suffered to the global drupal hack of Drupal version 7.28.. Its in the past, new measures in place and welcome any new member to the site!

BadAssNanLots will be happening this year with multiplayer games in the pipeline an awesome platform featureing 'bad ass grandma' You gonna be shooting punks and muggers with all sorts of weapons from hand bags to blasting them awayt with magnum 44. I am looking forward to starting on this game as i can see it will be a great laugh. check back to keep updated!

Another game i will be releasing will be based on tilemaps. It will also incorporate multiplayer aspect of attacking each others bases and stealling loot as you go.. This game will also be awesome and very excited to start on this one as well. Once again appologies for the absence of updates and games.. been very busy :)

Ill also be writing regular blog posts on tutorials and games that excite me on the market place.



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Technology has made a lot of things easy to do for individuals which is exploited to the full by most humans all over the world. New strategies and tools are devised and invented to make our work still easier every day. Someone or even the other is successful with this venture along with the world gets new software or tool to work on.One such tool may be the metatrader useful for forex currency trading. It has many versions and every of these have different parts within them. One such part could be the metatrader indicator. This helps us by indicating the marketplace trends thereby giving us the option of trading or not. Thus we can easily be saved from taking undue risk and go for trade as long as we're fairly certain to get some gains from your deal. Just be sure to check out those systems that are most helpful. You do not want to rush in and procure the initial system you locate. This could come to be self-defeating because the goal this is to accumulate the device which will best suit your needs and to never just randomly decide on a system that happens to be below desirable. What is Forex? It is foreign exchange trading and exchanging. What exactly is that? Currency between countries is definitely fluctuating. One day Australian currency may be worth over British, in the morning it isn't really. Currency conversion happens many thousand times daily. Traveling, buying items online, trading, plus much more happens, and currency is often involved. Pound at 23 Year Low Against the DollarThe British fell further on Thursday after reaching a 23 year low against the US dollar amid fears the UK is heading for an intense financial disaster. The pound briefly fell over 2% during Thursdays trading, hovering above $1.3620 and offered little Forex opportunity. UK stock markets remained volatile sustained major losses earlier inside week. Many feel that another government bailout plan will not be enough to avoid wasting the banking sector. For example, an economic analyst can have access to graphs, stock feeds, plus much more. In contrast, an everyday trader will surely have trading access through MetaTrader's trading terminal. The trading terminal helps traders to convey together and trade options. The MetaTrader software has several functions for placing trades. They include four types of execution for orders, including Instant, Market, Exchange, and Request execution. Various numbers of orders are available. And, your trade can be completed within a few moments or up to a minute, based upon how much traffic designed for a selected currency.
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The technical analysis for approach is presented here as part of the strategy. This is obviously the most crucial area of the forex currency trading system together with he management of their bucks. The strategy presented depends upon noticing the overbought and oversold conditions. When the marketplace goes extremely high for too long time, this can indication the market industry will go low soon. The reverse holds true. Good Forex Trade Signals was previously hard to get within the last few years, but recently, a special form of software put together by a company makes things easier for anyone. Now, you may get the most effective Forex trading signals for any good price and you can get a profit much simpler than you probably did before. Basically, if you're looking for good and cheap foreign currency trading signals, you have two simple options. As managing trade is time as well as consuming, you may be occupied to simply 1-2 trades at a time and that the room for error in executing the trailing approach to manage your trade will likely be higher. That is what every trader is not going to want to happen. Automation with the trade you're having now minimize human factors within the execution process and thus removing delay in the process.
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MetaTrader 4 has every one of the necessary components should be a valuable brokerage, such as a corner office as well as the dealing desk. MetaTrader 4 also offers just about the most secure, advanced and stable connections towards the forex interbank market. Making it the most reliable and trusted trading platform available. The beginning currency which is put in place moobs is actually a base currency. This term is often used by the US dollar, particularly for American traders. An individual may trade the US dollar against a Euro, the place that the Euro will probably be called the counter currency. Some types of money are regularly traded, although some are rarer to find. Popular examples are US dollar, Japanese Yen, and Euro. Exotic money can sometimes include Thai Baht or perhaps the Indian Rupee. What is the reason for a forex exchange? There are many folks who suffer from talked about this question. Well, the immediate answer is; it helps in the trading of currencies. If you want to trade one of the foreign currency like US dollar, Euros, Pounds, Japanese Yen and Sterling, all you have to do is log into this market. There are many strategies involved with trading and it is far better to plan one when you walk into search engine optimization. If you are a beginner it is far better to sit down back and observe industry before jumping into trades. It can ruin your life completely just by an individual wrong move. Many people have mislaid their properties by involving within the wrong trades. Pound at 23 Year Low Against the DollarThe British fell further on Thursday after reaching a 23 year low against the US dollar amid fears how the UK is heading for an intense financial disaster. The pound briefly fell over 2% during Thursdays trading, hovering above $1.3620 and offered little Forex opportunity. UK stock markets remained volatile sustained major losses earlier inside the week. Many feel that another government bailout plan may not be enough to save lots of the banking sector. A feature is added into this robot that is termed as Expert Advisor and it is affiliated towards the Metatrader Platform then making it possible for this robot to trade automatically and work 24/7 providing your personal computer stays on along with a net connection an alternative solution is additionally available whereby you can inquire for the private server that runs this product and pay on a monthly basis so although your personal computer is offline the robot still engages in trades. This software is totally immune to emotions so that it won't perform same mistakes as human would to, with a higher percentage rate of trade wins the cash invested will likely be on the safe side. Of course, additionally, you will have to have a decent Forex trading software the downloadable MT4 or even a Web trader and create a Free Demo Account and initiate trading in what is named monopoly Forex money like this of monopoly game. Forex doesn't seem possible to trade with no trading charts and these charts are displayed inside the trading software. Search for the best from the many available brokers on the Forex market and then make the selection in accordance with your requirements that broker to open a forex account with. Once you have passed your licensing exam, you simply must register while using Securities and Exchange Commission to turn into a full-fledged broker. You will learn to market yourself as a expert on the market so that you can attract traders from all of parts of society. You need to assess if you need to charge hourly or if you'd rather charge your fees determined by commissions. Choosing commissions can be more lucrative, however, it's also very risky. Most new Forex brokers decide to charge a per hour fee so they really earn a regular income.
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