New Website design - fresh start to 2015! is the place to find fun creative apps ranging from games to educational content. To find out more about the Android and iPhone apps available, check out the link located in the main menu above titled "Apps". Just simple click on the app title in the drop down menu and you will be able to find out where the app is available and wether there is a version available online to demo before downloading to your phone. All (most) games can be played online if available.

However I love to be creative and apps are the latest avenue to express my creativity its kind of a story of my progression in learning the skills to provide what you see.

Check out the blog as you can find out about the latest projects and what is in the pipe line.

Please feel free to contact me with feed back or issues you may encounter.

I am also open to improvements and ideas you would like to see in any of my apps.

Have fun and enjoy!

Tha web site has been down for 6 weeks now and yes it was starting to bug me that i couldnt find the time get it back up and running. I must firstly appologies for the down time and to any that may have created account with previous website.. The lot have been lost.. sigh yes i know pain but a fresh site better security and backups in place. The previous site unfortunately suffered to the global drupal hack of Drupal version 7.28.. Its in the past, new measures in place and welcome any new member to the site!

BadAssNanLots will be happening this year with multiplayer games in the pipeline an awesome platform featureing 'bad ass grandma' You gonna be shooting punks and muggers with all sorts of weapons from hand bags to blasting them awayt with magnum 44. I am looking forward to starting on this game as i can see it will be a great laugh. check back to keep updated!

Another game i will be releasing will be based on tilemaps. It will also incorporate multiplayer aspect of attacking each others bases and stealling loot as you go.. This game will also be awesome and very excited to start on this one as well. Once again appologies for the absence of updates and games.. been very busy :)

Ill also be writing regular blog posts on tutorials and games that excite me on the market place.



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